Thanksgiving Day

Gina sunglasses.jpg

Thanksgiving day 2018, our family will gather together. We will cook. We will share a meal. We will watch football and we will try to keep our traditions going. Unlike most families, we will struggle to find something to be thankful for in the wake of the tragedy that took our daughter from us. We will be missing the smile, the laughter, and the joy that Gina brought to these family gatherings.

The hole in our lives since Gina was taken from us will once again be exposed to the light of day and the wound that we carry - every day - will be raw and painful. There will be tears a’plenty as we think of the wonderful child that was tragically taken from us. Her absence has taken much of the joy from our lives.

Only by coming together and holding each other in support will we be able to move through this day. It is not much different than any other day for us. Moments of joy and moments of deep, deep, sadness. Today we will once again be reminded that our family is different than others. Our days of experiencing unbridled joy are over. The best we can hope for are days where the smiles edge out the tears. Where we can remember to love those that are here and still hold Gina in our hearts.

Today we are hopeful that the memories of our beautiful daughter bring more smiles than tears. We know that is what Gina would want for all of us.