Today is Gina’s Birthday


Our beautiful girl would have been 15 today. She was looking forward to many things this year: another trip to Universal Studios, FL for the roller coasters and Harry Potter stuff, surf camp, and our summer trip to NY to see her cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. The thing she was most looking forward to was getting her driving learners permit. She was eager to learn and explore the feeling of empowerment.  It would have been another step toward her independence. My wife and I hoped our children would be brave, strong, smart, and caring. We are proud of them both.

While it is extremely sad and devastating that Gina is not with us today we are trying to remember the good times and sweetness she brought to this world. Our family has gathered in Parkland, FL to comfort one another and share the smiles that the memories of Gina bring to our faces.

Through The Gina Rose Montalto Memorial Foundation our sadness is lifted, if only just a little. The Foundation will ensure that Gina’s purpose and spirit will not be lost with her passing. With your donations to the Foundation we will continue to inspire young adults to go on and accomplish greatness in life, something we are sure Gina would have done given the chance.

We will miss Gina every day and she will never be forgotten.

Happy Birthday Gina Rose!