Christmas Day Message

As your family gathers together today we ask that you all show patience and kindness to one another. You never know which of these get togethers may be the last for someone around the table. Our family is fortunate to have many warm memories of our previous Christmas celebrations. Many smiles and the sounds of laughter and joy are the sound track that accompanies these thoughts. We hope you all have similar experiences to warm you on these cold winter nights.

If you are not lucky enough to be in this position we encourage you to try and change that. Look to what you have that brings you together and set aside the differences. For those that host the holiday gatherings, please don’t let the pursuit of perfection ruin a great time. From all, we ask that you please try to be present with your loved ones today. Set aside the troubles of your work, school, or social media and enjoy those around you. Whether they be family or friends the people who gather with you this holiday are the ones who care about you most.

Thanks to all of you that offered kind words and support to our family in the wake of our horrible tragedy. Please keep us in your prayers because we need all the help we can get in order to work through everyday. Parents please hug your children a little longer today, and kids do the same with your parents. Your bond is forever but please never take it lightly. Reinforce it every chance you get.

Gina loved everything about Christmas from the decorations to the preparation (both spiritual and corporeal), and especially the family gatherings. So, in her honor, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!